Architectural Design and Planning

Design may be contemporary, classic or paired down luxury but always unique to each individual client and their specific unique needs.

For all New Builds, Renovations, Alterations and Additions.

Our services include:

Architectural Design Consultations: Site or project assessment and client discussions to really get to the heart of the issue or reasoning to improve the space. Charged at an hourly rate.

Architectural Design (Sketch): This includes inception, concept design and design development. Sketch plans are not at council submission level.

Planning: Working Drawings/Plans at council submission level. The inception, concept design and design development drawings are worked to local authority submission level. Including the Green Calculations and Information required as to be SANS 10400-XA compliant.  Charged at a square meter rate with flat fees for the XA calculations and not on percentage of total project cost. Should expensive building design elements be specified we feel these are justified to the design as proven by the fact that we are not earning additional fees for these more expensive options, thereby ensuring best advice and best design.

Site meetings: During the construction phase to give the client peace of mind and assist in quality control. Charged at an hourly rate.

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